Spintech VII will highlight fundamental physical phenomena related to spin-dependent effects in condensed matters and advances in the development of new spintronic materials, structures and devices, including quantum information science and concepts. The school will take place during the first half of the week to orient newcomers and students to this emerging field and will be followed by a conference aiming at stimulating the progress in new materials, measurement and theory of spintronics systems.


The topics include experimental and theoretical investigations of:

  • Spin-dependent transport phenomena
  • Spin-dependent optical phenomena
  • Spin-dependent thermal phenomena
  • Spin current generation, manipulation, and detection
  • Spin coherence and manipulation
  • Topological insulators and graphene
  • Spintronic materials including metals, semiconductors and insulators (both organic and inorganic materials)
  • Quantum information processing (including atoms in vacuum, etc.)
  • Spintronic devices and applications
  • Spin related phenomena

Conference Chairs

Conference Chair
UC Santa Barbara
Conference Co-Chair
University of Iowa

International Advisory Committee

Delft University of Technology
University of Minnesota
Polish Academy of Sciences
University of Sao Paulo
University of Nottingham
Stanford University
Keio University
University of Tokyo
University of Eindhoven
University of Basel
University of Wuerzburg
RIKEN, University of Michigan
Tohoku University
Cornell University
Penn State University
Texas A&M University
University of Tokyo, RIKEN